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Plan to Enjoy life


Patrick Byrne, founded Aspetuck Financial in 2005.  His main goal in establishing the firm was, and still is today, to help retirees and those looking to retire, manage their wealth.  In doing so, he wanted to remain independent from large institutional influences that can sometimes undermine the best interests of the individual investor.  For that reason, the firm was begun as an Independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and remains  independent for the same reason today.


We are not stockbrokers or mutual fund representatives.  Our job is to manage your money, and we have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of our clients at all times.  Aspetuck Financial Management is a conservative investment management firm specializing in managing retirement assets.  Aspetuck is a research-driven firm.  We spend most of our time following the markets and researching the factors that impact the global markets and, in turn, our portfolios.


Each client portfolio is actively and individually managed based on the client’s risk tolerance, income needs, time horizon and the overall investment goals of that portfolio.  We charge a fee for our services and are not compensated by commission for what we buy for or sell to our clients.  Instead, as a fee-based investment manager, we are incentivized to protect and to grow our clients’ accounts over time.


Our custodial and brokerage services providers are Charles Schwab institutional Services and TD Ameritrade Institutional.  Aspetuck Financial Management is the adviser to your account. Our clients have the ability to check their balances and monitor their accounts on these platforms at all times.




Our approach to wealth management offers low cost, personalized enhanced portfolio construction and management solutions for any type of account. Our model approach can be individually customized to meet your specific needs.



Our goal is to help you find the financial freedom to pursue your interests, so you can enjoy the retirement lifestyle you want. Our Plan-to-Enjoy Life Financial Plan can help you in all areas of financial planning: tax management, estate management, risk management, etc.



Small business and self-employed retirement plans and management allowing small business owners to maximize retirement contributions and save more on taxes.



We can help with college cost analysis, provide planning advice, and manage your college savings account to help you achieve your college planning goals.

Want to know if you are on the right track? We offer a cup a coffee and a chance for you to get a second opinion on your current wealth management strategy. No strings attached.


Patrick Byrne has over 30 years experience in the investment advisory business and has held investment advisory and related positions at leading asset management firms. He is a published author of the book, IPM – Improving Portfolio Management: The Secret of Building Wealth over Market Cycles.  Over the years, Patrick has contributed to financial publication articles in Barrons, Wall Street Journal, Smart Money, and Money.  He has been a guest on several financial radio shows, and on local television, with Becky Surran’s News 12 On the Money, speaking on investment topics.

Before founding Aspetuck, he was the Chief Investment Officer for a large independent Investment Adviser. He also led the privately managed account division of USAA Investment Management Company as Head of Sales, where he developed a capital markets research report used by the sales force to advise clients.

From 1990–2001, he served as the Director of Fund Advisory Services for Neuberger & Berman Management.  He managed portfolios of mutual funds for retail and institutional clients of the Neuberger Berman’s Fund Advisory Services, a service he developed for the firm. He served on the Fund Advisory Service Investment Policy Committee. Prior to Neuberger Berman, Patrick was an institutional salesman for National Securities & Research Corporation, serving on the Investment Steering Committee that oversaw the investment decisions of the mutual fund managers.

Mr. Byrne holds an MBA from the University of Connecticut, studied economics at the University of New Hampshire, and graduated with a BBA in Finance from Baruch College.  He has passed the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level I exams. He decided not to maintain his CFP designation and pursue CFA candidacy so he focus full time on managing client accounts. 


He has served as a Board Member, Treasurer and Finance Committee Chairperson for the prestigious Silvermine Guild Arts Center and has served on the University of Connecticut’s Business School – Stamford Advisory Board.  He has been active in youth sports as a basketball and lacrosse coach at the Wakeman Boys & Girls Club in Southport, Connecticut and enjoys all outdoor sports, especially golf and paddle. He resides in Fairfield, Connecticut with his wife, three children and beloved dog, Kobe.  




27A Imperial Avenue  

Westport, CT  06880


(203) 226-5733

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