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Lower Costs, More Benefits, Better Value!

Our managed account advisory fee is below average. Moreover, our investment management has notched above average long-term returns.

Our Risk Managed Portfolio Program™  investment process seeks to mitigate reasons why investors do not do well:

  • Neglectful…lack the time…the expertise

  • Fail to build a diversified portfolio

  • Buy high & sell low, chase performance


Our investment management applies Nobel Prize investment concepts and a research driven process to build and manage a suitable diversified portfolio for you. We enhance portfolio construction and management by investing in stocks, bonds, and a broad array of ETFs. Lastly, we spend our day researching factors that impact your portfolio, and make, what we believe to be, appropriate adjustments.

Its time to put a price tag on what you’re doing. Our day-to-day care and attention given to your account just might be what’s missing from your investment management.    

Contact us if you would like a free portfolio review.

Account Features:

· Enhanced portfolio construction and management

· Upgrade to a highly qualified Portfolio Strategist

· Ongoing account supervision and management 

· Web based account information

· Account performance report

· Market and portfolio updates

· Plan-To-Enjoy Life financial and retirement charge for clients!

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